If you’re looking for a monthly tea subscription to satisfy your tea addiction and enjoy a cup of tea at home, you’ve come to the right place.

I drink tea daily and I’m always interested in trying out new teas. So when I received my first tea subscription box, I couldn’t help to hold the excitement of surprise and discover new unique tea and blends I could try at home.

But with so many tea subscription to choose from, it could be challenging to find one that’s best for you.

Worry not! Whether you’re an avid tea drinker or someone that’s new to tea and love to try something new and unique, we have come up with a handy list showcasing some of the best you could subscribe.

In this article, you’ll discover the best tea subscription boxes, in no particular order, you could subscribe to broaden your tea selection.

What is a Tea Subscription Box?

In a nutshell, subscription boxes are recurring delivery of niches products right at your doorstep. It’s a great marketing strategy that allows the product companies to reach a new set of customers by offering sample of products for them to try.

A tea subscription box or tea of the month club is a monthly surprise of the world’s finest teas or blends delivered to your doorstep often comes with tasting notes to boost your tea knowledge.

What’s the Benefits of a Tea Subscription Box?

Similar to other types of subscription boxes, a tea subscription box provides a few benefits you couldn’t elsewhere.

A Delightful Surprise

When’s the last time you’re feeling excited receiving your mail?

When you subscribed to a tea subscription box, you’ll never know what you’ll get in the box until it arrives at your doorstep.

This builds up excitement and anticipation every month making you look forward to your next mystery box.

Discover New Teas

The best part of tea subscription box is it lets you discover varieties of teas you never knew you’ll like.  It’s also a great way to get access to tea products you simply couldn’t get any other way.

Most of the tea companies get their teas from tea farmers all around the world including those award-winning tea leaves.

Every month you’ll get to try new tea and handmade blends you may come to love for life.


If you always spend hours on the web searching for teas when your tea supplies ran out and you hate running into chances you might not like the taste, you should leave it to the tea experts.

With a subscription box, you don’t have to worry as fresh teas are delivered to your doorstep every month. The tea experts will curate samples of loose leaf tea based on your preference.

So, you could sit back and enjoy your cup of tea.

Save Money

Most of tea subscription boxes cost around $10 - $30 a box where you’ll get an average of 2 - 5 different types of premium tea or blend that’s enough for a month’s supply.

Each of these loose leaf tea has higher retail price compared to when you buy the box. With subscription box, you’ll get as much value for your money as possible. You’ll get more, for paying less.

Subscription boxes also let you sample a particular brand or product without paying full price. It also comes with member-only offers and coupon code you could use at their online store.

Personalised Tea Experience

A tea subscription box aims at delivering personalised tea experience tailored to your taste and preferences.

Whether you prefer loose leaf tea or tea bags, caffeinated tea or caffeine-free, there’s a box just for you.

Each box comes with description of the tea, steeping instructions, and tasting notes.

Best Tea Subscription Box in 2020

1. Sips By

Sips By partners with many tea companies around the world, big and small to provide a huge variety of teas and brands. With over 150 global brands, this subscription is a great choice for you to explore.

Create your account and take the free tea quiz curated by the Sips By team based on your taste preferences.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 teas that matched your taste preferences created by the Sips by team based on the tea quiz you took.
  • Each box comes with steeping guidelines, tasting notes and special offers from the brand.

Options: Caffeine-free, loose or bagged teas, preferred type of teas and flavors, brewing style and drinking frequency

Price: $15/month — free shipping in the US

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2. Simple Loose Leaf

Simple Loose Leaf delivers hand packaged tea to your door. It has 4 different boxes for you to choose from.

If you’re looking for a wider range of experiences ranging from single origin teas to blended and naturally flavor, you should try their Sampler Tea Box.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 new hand-selected premium loose leaf teas
  • 10 grams (0.35oz) of each teas that’s 40 grams in total — good for 20-30 cups
  • 4 reusable linen tea filter made in the USA
  • Information and tasting notes for each tea to boost your tea knowledge


  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Caffeine-free -- herbal tea
  • Sampler

Price: $10/month plus $2.99 shipping in US and $5.49 for Canada and international shipping.

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3. Respyre

Respyre is a tea subscription box with a mission — to make wellness and relaxation easy for everyone.

All the tea blends are 100% natural and premium ingredients. With respyre, you’ll get a wellness theme box every month promoting specific area of wellness such as improving sleep, digestion or reducing stress.

What you’ll get:

  • 2 loose leaf wellness teas that’s good for 20-30 cups.
  • Each box comes with brewing instructions, tasting notes and knowledge about each tea blends.

Price: Starts from $11.99/month plus $2.99 shipping fee in US or $9.99 shipping fee to Canada

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4. Dollar Tea Club

If you prefer a tea subscription that doesn’t hurt the wallet, Dollar Tea Club will deliver exotic new blends, from over 30 flavors, right to your door from $1/month. The loose leaf teas come in sample size that’s good for 6-8 cups a month.

Dollar Tea Club is the least expensive tea subscription box in the list. At $1/month, it’s hard to beat this Canadian tea company price. All of the teas are ethically sourced through direct trade to guarant’tea the quality and consistency and you won’t find artificial flavoring in the tea.

Dollar Tea Club only ships to US and Canada for now.

What you’ll get:

  • 3 new blends in a sample size, good for 2-3 cups each sample

Price: $1/month + $4.5 shipping to US and Canada

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5. Tea Sparrow

Tea Sparrow aims to source all natural teas and blends. All of their teas are guaranteed free from artificial additives or flavorings.

Each month you’ll get a mix of 1 black tea, 1 green tea, 1 rooibos and 1 herbal infusion delivered in a paper recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

Each tea in the box has been approved by their members at their bi-weekly tea parties where each tea gets a score out of 10 by each participants and only those that receive 8.5/10 or higher are approved to be included in your box.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 unique tea blends each months that’s good for about 35 cups
  • Biodegradable packaging

Options: Choose between loose leaf, biodegradable tea bags, caffeinated or caffeine free

Price: $20/month

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6. The Whistling Kettle

The Whistling Kettle prides themselves in carrying only premium loose leaf tea curated by tea experts with over 15+ years experience.

To get you started with loose leaf, you’ll get 10 all natural loose tea bags on your first shipment and you could get 20% off tea ware products.

There’re 8 different subscription options for you to choose from.

What you’ll get:

  • For the basic plan, you’ll get 5 different types of tea that’s good for 20 - 30 cups.
  • Each box comes with details and descriptions of each tea.

Get 20% off coupon for tea ware included with first box

Price: $16 - $28

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7. Plum Deluxe

If you like to receive a creative mix of loose leaf teas delivered to your doorstep every month, you gonna like Plum Deluxe.

Plum Deluxe sources all of their ingredients and put together the blends all in house to ensure the highest quality and most creative combination.

You could request for caffeine free to get the herbal tea subscription.

What you’ll get:

  • 1-2 oz of organic tea of the month that’s enough for 15-20 cups
  • A sample tea
  • Each box comes with brewing instruction, tea pairings and recipes

Price: $10/month charged quarterly

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8. Tea Pro

Tea Pro is a tea subscription box based in UK that aims to bring you on a tea journey around the world and educate you on the different tea culture, history and benefits.

What you’ll get: 4 premium loose leaf tea carefully selected for you. A free 3-piece infuser glass in your first box

Price: £18 with free shipping in UK. International shipping rates vary for different countries.

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9. Free Your Tea

Free Your Tea aims at creating a personalized tea experience tailored to your taste.

When you received your first box, you could rate the tea and the ratings will use to tailor teas to your taste.

What you’ll get:

  • Initial 6-tea sampler on your first box that’s good for about 30 cups
  • Subsequently, a 3.5 oz bag of loose leaf tea that’s good for about 30 cups of tea
  • 1 free monthly sample that makes about 3 cups of tea

Price: $20/month — free shipping in US. International shipping is $5

Coupon codes:
“FIRST50” to get 50% off the first month
“STAYHOME” or “MOM” to get 1 free month for 3 months subscription
“STAYHOME” or “MOM” to get 2 free months for 6 months subscription
“STAYHOME” or “MOM” to get 3 free months for 12 months subscription

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10. Tea Runners

Tea Runners deliver top quality loose leaf teas to your door. All of their teas are sourced from small batch producers, many of them are top place finishers at the Global Tea Championship Awards.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 pouches of top quality loose leaf teas @ 0.75-1.2 oz each that’s enough for 30-50 cups of tea
  • Each box comes with tasting notes steeping instructions


  • Original Box
  • Black teas onlyur
  • Pure teas only (no blends, flavored or herbal)
  • Herbal tea or caffeine-free tea

Price: Starts from $21.25/month with free shipping to US and Canada. International shipping is $8

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11. Teabox

Teabox works closely with tea farmers across India and Nepal to source the best and freshest teas. They deliver the freshest and most delicious loose leaf teas from Darjeeling, Assam, and Nilgiri to the world every single day.

The box is delivered in a beautiful packaging with different theme each month.

What you’ll get:

  • 5 premium loose leaf tea. Each tea is 1.05 oz that’s good for 12-15 cups each tea
  • Monthly themed box

Price: $39.99 with free worldwide express shipping.

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12. Art of Tea

Art of Tea sourced from top 2% of all teas produced in the world to ensure you get the highest quality product. All of their teas are organically grown and hand blended.

On the website, you could take the free tea quiz to discover new teas you never know you would like.

Art of Tea is currently available for US and Canada only.

What you’ll get:

  • For Caffeine Free, Classic, or Explore: 4 oz of loose tea leaf
  • For Single Origin: 2 oz loose tea leaf
  • For Pyramid Tea Bags: 12 tea bags


  • Classic
  • Single Origin
  • Explore
  • Caffeine Free
  • Pyramid Tea Bags

Price: $65 for 3 months, $110 for 6 months, $215 for 12 months

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13. Blend Bee

Blend Bee is a firm believer that a good cup of tea makes everything better. They carry organic tea sourced from unique small fair-trade farms worldwide.

Blend Bee offers in-house blended tea selection. In addition to that, they also offers build your own that lets you experiment with different ingredients.

What you’ll get:

  • 2 bags of loose leaf tea blends at 2 oz each that’s good for 40-60 cups of tea
  • Each box comes with steeping direction

Price: $25 with free shipping in US

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14. Amoda Tea

Amoda Tea brings you all-natural selection teas from hundreds of independent tea company all across North America, blended in small batches.

All the teas and blends are organic with no artificial sugars.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 premium teas that’s good for 12-20 cups total.
  • Each box comes with tasting notes and steeping guidelines
  • Biodegradable tea filters
  • Exclusive deals for subscribers
  • 25% off their online shop


  • The Original Box that includes premium teas with variety of caffeine levels
  • The Low Caff that includes caffeine-free and low caffeine teas.

Price: $20/month — free shipping in Canada and US

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15. Tea Spot

Tea Spot is deeply rooted in health and wellness, propelled by the founder recovery from cancer. Their mission is to empower people to live an inspired and healthy life.

Tea Spot donates 10% of all profits in-kind to cancer survivors and wellness programs.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 different tea samples paired with the season that’s good for about 15 cups
  • Each box come with educational postcards to boost your tea knowledge
  • Bonus swag
  • Your first shipment includes Tuffy Steeper

Price: $14.95/month with free shipping within continental US

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In Conclusion

There you go, 15 of the best tea subscription boxes to choose from. If you think caffeine is evil, go ahead and pick those that provides caffeine-free option to satisfy your tea craving. Whatever your preference is, there’s one that suits your taste. Don’t let it stop you.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this listing helps you find one of the best tea subscription box services that suits your tea drinking needs and palette.

Let me know if there’re any other tea subscriptions you enjoy, I’d love to hear your thoughts.